Creating a Google Form


Tutorials are a great way to walk individuals through a step-by-step process using audio and visual elements. This tutorial was created using QuickTimePlayer on my MAC computer. In the QuickTimePlayer, I selected the New Screen Recording option in order for viewers to see the exact steps of my demonstration.

This tutorial shows viewers how to create and share a form on Google Forms from start to finish. Google Forms are a great tool to use to gather information in real time from an audience. They can be sent via email, as a link and can even be embedded into a website. Google provides users pre-made templates that allow the user to quickly create, distribute and monitor their form.

I chose to do my tutorial on a Google Form because this platform is becoming an increasingly popular way to distribute and collect information. With this Google feature, users have the opportunity to create unlimited free forms. These forms can be used for both personal and work-related projects.

I hope you enjoy and learn from my tutorial!