Survey Research

First United Methodist Church Opelika.


I, along with three other group members, conducted survey research for a class project on behalf of our client, First United Methodist Church Opelika. The primary purpose of this study was to establish a better understanding of the demographic of the people that live, work and spend time in downtown Opelika, Alabama. The purpose of the data collected is to inform our client about the community that surrounds First United Methodist Church of Opelika so that the church can further understand and reach the community where it is located.

Our team also conducted a thorough media analysis for our client. This media analysis resulted in a series of recommendations for the church's social media and online presence. First United Methodist Church of Opelika, or FUMC, needs to establish and maintain a social media presence on all social media outlets to reach out to their members as well as other people who spend time in downtown Opelika. The public relations issue for the church is a lack of understanding their audience and a lack of social media presence. FUMC needs a way to communicate with their members and to reach out to non-members.

My group wrote and distributed a survey, collected and analyzed the results and compiled a selection of recommendations based off of our research. In addition, we looked at other churches in the United States who have conducted similar surveys or developed plans for community outreach.

The attached file contains our research methodology, all of the research that we conducted and our recommendations based off the information that we obtained. After compiling the results of our survey and writing a full research analysis, we presented the information to our client.

Here you will find the entire research project . We used Qualtrics Survey Software to create, distribute and manage our survey.

First United Methodist Church Opelika