Multimedia Writings

These writings were done for a university course. The content is not affiliated with the United Way of Lee County. Images come from Google Images. Most information included is fictional.

For a project in my multimedia writing class, I was tasked with creating new public relations messaging and materials for the United Way of Lee County. As a fictional project, my "contact," the organization's Executive Director, has been tasked by the board of directors to present ideas at its next board meeting, at which time the board will renew the submissions it receives. I was provided with raw information about the United Way of Lee County to brainstorm new approaches to its messaging while respecting and integrating the United Way's well-known local and national brands. I created a new organizational brochure, a volunteer recruitment direct mail letter, a news release announcing the launch of a new campaign and a fundraising email.

It Only Takes One brochure cover

United Way of Lee County


In my brochure, I decided to highlight the "BE THE ONE" campaign done by the United Way of Lee County. I believe that this is a simple concept, but one that can have a major impact on a single person. Many people believe that they as an individual cannot make a difference, but this campaign shows how easy and important it is for individuals to become involved.

View the entire brochure.

Direct Mail

United Way of Lee County.

Direct Mail Letter

I created the content and layout for a letter on behalf of the United Way's Executive Director to be mailed to area residents that encourages them to serve as a volunteer with one or more of its agencies.

View the volunteer recruitment direct mail letter.

United Way logo

United Way of Lee County.

News Release

For the project, I created and properly formatted a news release announcing the launch of the United Way's community fundraising efforts campaign and kickoff breakfast.

View the news release.

Email clipart

United Way of Lee County.

Fundraising Email

I drafted the content and layout of an email to send to employees of a business whose current campiagn ends next week. The email is a reminder to employees of the deadline, the impact of their giving and information on how to give.

View the fundraising email reminder.