My Magazine:

I created “ENGAGE” as a collection of feature stories I wrote as part of my Style and Design coursework. My magazine was created using Adobe InDesign. I wanted the aesthetic of this publication to match my website.

A mixture of fonts can be found in my magazine. The font used for the title of my magazine and the body of each article is written in Avenir. The titles of each article are written in Optima. To add color throughout the magazine, I used the same hexadecimal color (#B5C9D8) that can be seen throughout my website. Each story includes a title, subtitle, byline, pull quote, caption and image that complement the article.

The stories contain a small glimpse into my life and into the lives of people close to me. I had the pleasure of interviewing several of my friends from all across the country, and compiling their stories into "ENGAGE."

The stories you will find in this magazine are listed as follows:

  • Why I Chose Public Relations
  • Hello from London!
  • A Summer Spent at Camp
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Living Out the Creed
  • One Big Happy Family

I chose to name my magazine “ENGAGE” because I believe it is one of the most important aspects of public relations. Public Relations is all about engaging with and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with others. I love to meet new people and find out what we have in common! As a public relations major, I have never doubted my decision to seek a career that places me in direct contact with people. “ENGAGE” encompasses all of these things and more, which is why I chose it as the title for my publication.

I hope you enjoy looking through and reading my magazine!

You can download a pdf version of my magazine here. Additionally, each story can also be found here on my blog.

Magazine cover