Robin Aldridge logo

The purpose of a logo is to provide a visual representation of who you are. I love simplicity. Therefore, when tasked with creating and designing a personal logo, I knew I wanted a simple, straight-forward design.

My logo is featured on this page and in the header of every page of my website. It includes my first and last name in a script font and was made for multimedia sharing and professional documentation.

I created my basic signature logo using the font “Super Natural – Demo” in Adobe Photoshop. I downloaded this font from a third-party website, dafont.com. I thoughtfully chose this font as a way to represent my actual signature and simplistic design taste. I used Adobe Photoshop to create several sized versions of my logo to be used throughout my Digital Resume and Portfolio website. I also gave myself the flexibility to format and style my logo for different mediums and occasions.

I chose pewter-blue as the main color of my logo. I applied hexadecimal (hex) color: #B5C9D8. Used in coding HTML, CSS and other computing applications, a color hex code is used to specify color using hexadecimal values. I love this color and its subtle presence. I think this translates well to my chosen design scheme and can be seen in several places throughout my website.

I enjoyed the entire creative process of designing my personal logo. I went through several designs before my finished logo came together in Adobe Photoshop. I began the design process by writing my initials and name in different styles and typefaces. I played with the thickness, size, font, shape and color of my logo until I settled on a desired look. I believe the finished product of my logo works well with the desired aesthetic of my Digital Resume and Portfolio website.