internship infographic

An infographic is a creative way to combine appealing visuals and information. Infographics are becoming increasingly important because of the consumer's shorter attention span for media. It provides a way for a viewers to receive the message in a quick, concise but visually appealing way.

Finding, applying for and landing an internship or job can be a daunting task for students. Every soon-to-be graduate goes through the process of finding an internship and getting their dream position. It is important to put your best self forward for future employers to see. I have put together five quick and easy tips to landing your dream internship to help ease the application process.


This infographic was created on Canva, an online graphic design site. I further edited my design using Adobe Photoshop in order to create the picture thumbnail on this page. The design is simple and the colors I chose are a subtle representation of something I love - Auburn University. I chose a Canva template that would best organize my information in a way that is easy for viewers to read. My illustrations coordinate with my five tips and provide great visuals for the viewer to quickly understand the overall concepts of my infographic. I combined information I found from a Huffington Post article and an Advice From A Twenty Something blog post.


Huffington Post - 5 Tips to Landing a Summer Internship as a College Freshman

Advice From A Twenty Something - 5 Tips to Land an Internship