Public Relations.

Robin Aldridge

Auburn University

Public relations

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations
Graduation: May 2018
Auburn has provided me with some of the most fulfilling and challenging years of my life, allowing me to grow into a capable member of the workforce both professionally and intellectually. It has been such a privilege to attend one of the best universities in the country.


Style & Design

This course, within the public relations curriculum, applies style and design to public relations messages through the use of various content management systems and creative software.

Foundations of Public Relations

This course is designed to provide an overview of the functions, practices and growing applications of public relations in both private industry and the public sector.


This course provides students with an understanding of the business options that fall under the advertising budget. It also teaches the business context for decision making, common business activities, terminology and perspectives that are applied when making optimal decisions.

Strategic Communication

This course is all about learning how to best communicate the message, through the right channels, to the desired audience, measured against organizational and communications-specific goals.

Case Studies

Designed to showcase real world cases from the public relations field, this course enhances students’ understanding of effective and ineffective PR methods and strategies

Multimedia Writing

This course demonstrates communication tactics; planning, writing and producing public relations tools; audience and media selection; print and electronic media.


As an introduction to newswriting techniques, this course emphasizes learning news values, recognizing parts of a story and writing stories that meet standards of accuracy, grammar, style, spelling, law and ethics.

Spanish I & II

This course is designed to provide students with elementary skills in the Spanish language. Students will develop all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Survey Research

This course works on identifying, characterizing and evaluating stakeholder groups and alternative channels of communication. This course also explores formal research procedures including sampling, instrument design, information gathering, data processing, analysis and reporting.