"Muscle Shoals Sound"

About my Brochure:

I was born and raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It is a small town, but is full of some really interesting history. Many people do not know that in the 1960s and '70s Muscle Shoals was known as “The Hit Recording Capital of the World.” In 2013, a documentary was filmed to highlight the incredible music produced in Muscle Shoals.

"Muscle Shoals Sound" follows the journey of the development of Muscle Shoals music, which originated with FAME Recording Studios and was then carried by “The Swampers” of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. The movie follows the life story of Rick Hall, founder of FAME Recording Studios. His life circumstances motivated him to work his hardest and laid the groundwork for the success of FAME Recording Studios and the music industry in Muscle Shoals.

Many famous artists have recorded in Muscle Shoals. Percy Sledge recorded his first song at FAME. This became a little song known as “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Wilson Pickett cut “Mustang Sally.” Aretha Franklin even traveled to the small town where she recorded “I Ain’t Never Loved a Man.”

What made FAME Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals, Alabama such a hot place for artists to come record was the group of house instrumentalists that called themselves “The Swampers.” You might have heard of this name from Lynard Skynyrd’s famous “Sweet Home Alabama.”

“The Swampers,” after recording several years at FAME, decided to open up their own recording studio a few miles down the road. Muscle Shoals Sound Studio was the name of the new recording studio. Lynard Skynyrd cut the first versions of “Free Bird” and “Simple Man” at this studio. The Rolling Stones traveled all the way from England to record in small town Muscle Shoals. They continually praise the sound that comes out of Muscle Shoals, calling it “magic.” Highlighted in my brochure, famous musician Clarence Carter said, “Each time a person went to Muscle Shoals, they came out of there with a hit.”

I decided to do my brochure on "Muscle Shoals Sound." I wanted to highlight the rich history that comes out of my hometown. I created my brochure using Adobe InDesign and obtained images from Google Images. I focused on simple fonts and a color scheme that would catch the eye of a reader. My intention for this brochure was to create a quick and aesthetically pleasing way readers can learn more about "Muscle Shoals Sound."

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